Saturday, January 3, 2009

December FUN!


A big thanks to Greg and Lyndsey for having such a fun christmas party.
Dustin won the prize for the ugliest sweater and ugly it was!!! the red is like a red fuzz and it is a womens sweater ( we got them on line and didn't realize it was a womens till have we got it. But he was such a good sport)

Tyler and Ginger Blake and Audra Greg and Lyndsey

Happy Holidays!!

We went to the lights on temple square with Greg and Lyndsey and Blake and Audra. I love goin to see the lights but I swear there are less and less every year.... i dunno..... maybe its just that I am not a kid anymore:( But we had a good time it kind of got us in the christmas mood!!


Lisa said...

LOL I love the sweaters! I think Blake is probably a really close second place with that turtle neck! haha I have to agree that the lights at Temple Square seem less and less. Downtown is not as fun as it used to be.

Kendal and Kendra said...

man- those sweaters are awesome! Looks like a fun December!