Thursday, May 1, 2008

Go JAZZ!!!

As most of you know we are HUGE Jazz fans!!! Dustin and I bought playoff tickets for this year,, so went to the first game and as you all know the Jazz lost:( I got in a fight with the girl sitting next in front me... she kept looking back at me and I didn't like it so I asked her what her problem was.... anyhow we kind of had a few words for each other and that was the end of that. Dustin thought I was crazy.... he had never seen that side of me.. which doesn't come out very often but I guess it's good for him know that I do have a temper every once in awhile..:)

The Jazz are playing Friday night, you should all watch the game!!! GO JAZZ!!! We had fun getting our faces painted!!


AudraandBlake said...

how freaking funny! I can't imagine you being like that but sometimes I wish I could be that way! haha Good job! I'm glad you guys got to have fun at the games.

Lisa said...

You guys look great! Only a true fan would paint their face!

Ginger said...

Ha ha! I love it. I got in a fight with an old man at the drive-in once. It was one of the first times tyler and I hung out and he recently told me that it kind of freaked him out, lol. Don't mess with us ladies! Plus how obvious that she is turning around to look at you. I would have said something too!