Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have to take a minute and brag about my sister Corinne. (Sorry Corinne this is such an old Picture but I thought it was cute) She is such an amazing person!! She has been working so hard the last couple of years to get her degree in nursing and she finally did it!!! Yahoo!!! She graduated the last week of March and she is now a RN. We are so excited for her to be done with school and move on with life, And moving on is what her and her husband will be doing!! They are having a baby!!! Another Yahoo!!! Another nephew, that Dustin and I get to enjoy. She is due in November and like I said we are so excited!!!

Since I am bragging about my sister I thought I would include a little more....

Corinne and I have had an interesting relationship. We were best friends all growing up. Well maybe I should say I was her shadow. Here are some things I remember about our childhood days

1. I remember at very young age she went with our neighbor to see The Rockateer ( I think that is the name of it) I wanted to go so bad!!! Not because I wanted to see the movie I just wanted to be all grown up and go with them. Well of coarse my parents wouldn't let me. I was probably 6 at the time and they were getting dropped off. I remember being so mad that I sat on the couch and cried and screamed and cried. I remember thinking that if I screamed loud enough I would annoy my parents enough that they would let me go... didn't happen!!!

2. At even a younger age we went up to our ranch with my dad and spent the day helping him and my grandpa do some stuff. My Dad had to go back down to the city to get the rest of the family. Corinne and I decided that we wanted to stay up at the ranch instead of driving down and coming back up. So we did. Well that afternoon it rained and stormed like nothing else and the lighting was crazy!!! We were so scared!!!! We were convinced that we were going to get struck by lighting and dye.
3. This last week we got together with the C-ville crew which consisted of Corinne, Dez, Krista, Hayley, Megan, Crystal and on occasion Brit. We sat and talked about the good old days from making videos to toilet papering to sleeping on the tramp with the rats to water ballooning to Watching hours of t.v. when princess Diane died. No we can not forget the time getting chased by three cars at one time and ditching a cop. I have so many memeroies with those girls I could go on for hours.

4. After Corinne graduated she went down to Cedar city to go to college. But our friendship continued. We had to get creative while down there cause there isn't a whole lot to do. So we entertained ourselves with a box of go-gurts. And entertainment that was. Those of you who were there with us will probably just laugh and shake your head at this memory. Haha!!

There are so many things I could write in this post. I am so excited that Corinne has finished school and now we get to spend more time with her and we are so Excited for her new addition to her family!!! Love ya sis!


Blake and Audra said...

so adorable! Congrats to Corrine. That's so awesome. I'm excited for you guys to have another boy in the family! YAY!

Jessica said...

I remember the go-gurts incident!! Tell her congrats for me!

Lisa said...

How exciting! You guys are so cute! Congrats!