Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Me and Audra
My goofy husband
That I love so much!!

For Labor Day we decided to go up to West Yellowstone. It was so fun!! The first night we stayed in a little cabin I don't even know where it was but it was cute super small but fun. Blake and Audra came with us. We left saturday morning and got there about 3 we went on a little hike then we played Bacci ball. The boys cooked us dinner hot dogs and hamburgers.

AT this place they had a little lodge place were they had a ton of games so we decided to go over and play... after about an hour or so of playing different games Audra and I decided to do a light bright so we were doing our light bright thing and all of a sudden this bat started flying over our heads we were freaking out!!! It was kind of funny but we were so scared!! Dustin got it on film it is actually pretty funny!! We tried getting it out of the lodge but no luck so we decided to go to bed.
We spent all day on sunday going through Yellowstone Park it was fun we saw a bear, some bison, and elk. We went to see old faithful and the stink pots and waterfalls.
Sunday night we stayed in a hotel cause it was so cold and rainy. Which ended up being a good thing cause I didn't feel good all night and didn't sleep well. We bummed around town for a little then got in the car and drove home. When we dropped Blake and Audra off at home I was freezing and couldn't stop shaking when we got home I layed down and checked my temperature and it was high so we tried getting it to go down and we did so I fell asleep and then tuesday morning it was high again. I ended up going to the the Doctor and I now have strep throat:) so I am home back in bed.... and this why I have been able to catch up on the blog. But the Doc says I can go back to work tomorrow so hopefully Ill be better soon. But it was a fun weekend totally worth it!!!
I lost my camera so I don't have a ton of pictures these are just off of our video camera. But it was a fun weekend.


AudraandBlake said...

YAY!!! you blogged! I love it! You guys got a way good pic of the bat. That thing was ridiculous! I love the pic of Dustin in his jersey, compression shorts, and hat. That's awesome. you're such a lucky girl! haha :)

Brent, Laci, Kaylie and Madison said...

I was wondering if you guys were ever going to blog again!! :) Looks like you guys had a great time,both on your honeymoon and in Yellowstone. You have some really fun pictures, and you guys are such a cute couple!!!

Hailey Kandell said...

I love West Yellowstone, we went there every summer and winter when I was a kid. What a fun little getaway!!

Danielle said...

That vacation looks awesome! I told Dustin, that we are coming with you guys next time. Love the updates!

Morgan Family said...

Wow you looked so beautiful at your wedding. I am sorry we weren't able to come. I ended up being sick. :( It looks like you had a great time on your honeymoon and in Yellowstone. I am so happy for you and can't wait to see you again!

Lisa said...

That looks so fun! I think the bat would freak me out!

Heidi said...

Kristin, thanks for the haircut. You guys are great! See you tomorrow!

Katie said...

COMMENT! I am excited that we can now be related on our blogs...that is if you choose to associate with your cousins!