Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Pictures

People have been bugging me to post pictures of the wedding so here they are... there are a lot because we had over 1,000 pictures taken so it was hard to pick just a few. They are kind of out of order sorry!!! 

For those who stayed the whole night they got to see my cute husband do his thing ;) 
Daddy Daughter Dance
Dustin and his Mom dancing
Some of my high school friends 
Some of our friends
Dustin and his best man Blake
Our sibilings
My photographer wanted us in the air all at the same time we did pretty good don't you think:)
Dustin and his Grandma

I couldn't stop laughing....
I just love this boy!!!

My Family 
Dez, Mike, Kristin, Corinne
Dustins Family
Dustin's friends decorated our car.... and yes we did get lucky!!!
My husband letting loose on the dance floor
Leaving the reception center
He never cease to amaze me :)

Coming out of the temple. Our sealing was amazing!!! We were able to sit in the Celestial room for about 30 minutes before we got sealed. I am so greatful that we had that time.  Dustin I Love you!!
Friends and family at the temple. Thanks for the support!!
Crazy Friends!!!
Dustin I am so glad that I get to spend eternity with you!!!



Lisa said...

Way cute pictures! I loved your reception... everything was beautiful!

Kendal and Kendra said...

Kristin those are so cute! You look gorgeous in all of the pictures!

Ginger said...

Absolutely Beautiful! I bet you are so happy with your pictures. You guys really did have the perfect day! We are so happy for you. Love ya!

Hailey Kandell said...

such a cute couple and what a beautiful day!!

Callie said...

You guys are so cute together! You were such a beautiful bride! I'm so happy for you both! I love all your pictures!

AudraandBlake said...

oh my gosh! Cute pictures, Kristin!! You're so lucky you had such a great photographer. My favorite is the crazy friends one...that should go in your bedroom. I know Dustin would like that! haha

The Hansens said...

Hey crazy I found you two on here..this is codi Dustins cousin! IM just starting this blog thing so im looking for some peeps...How are you guys doin...YOur pics are the way...Tell Dustin Hi for me.

Chris and Karen said...

I love all the look beautiful!

Holli Raymond said...

So cute!!! I'm sorry that I couldn't make it up there for the reception! Congrats though!! check out my blog it has my wedding invite on it :)

Scott and Chelsey said...

Wow they are so beautiful girl! I'm glad you finally posted some! Your dress is to die for and that is so funny that Dustin gets down!

NK Phtotography said...

Its so fun to look at your wedding pictures I'm glad you posted them! You are absolutely beautiful, I'm so happy for you 2!