Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Babe!!

Dustin had a birthday on October 6th. I suprised him for his birthday and took him to the Armstrong Mansion for a night. We stayed in the November room... We had a good time. The actual day of his birthday we had friends over for cake and ice cream.

Audra, Blake, Greg, Lindsey

Ginger and Tyler


AudraandBlake said...

SO FUN! That was fun times! too bad I seriously look like I'm prego or just really fat! haha

Morgan Family said...

Hi Kristin! Please tell Dustin Happy Birthday! You both look great! I bet it is nice to have a new computer. You look like you are loving life. :)

Hurst Family said...

What up Dustin! Congrats on the Wedding, we still have your announcement on our fridge, you should feel so priviledged right now. How are things going?
I'll tell Adam that you guys left a comment, he'll be so thrilled :)

Hurst Family said...

Hey Dust!!! I'm so glad you found us! Your guys wedding looked magical. I wish we could have been there. And happy birthday. I'm just missing out on all the big moments in your life. Some friend I am.

Josh and Hilary said...

Dust, please come visit our blog ANYTIME. We are just so entertaining---NOT REALLY! We miss you guys too. Hope all is well.