Sunday, October 12, 2008

We got a new computer YA!

We know have a new computer so how about an update:)
The question I get daily is 'how is married life?' ANd since we have been married now 2and half months I thought I would let you all know how married life is..... I just asked Dustin the question and his response was 'great' that was it then he said he 'finds joy every second he is with me' what a suck up!.. haha but it has been good a lot of people say the first year is so hard but neither Dustin or I have found it to be hard. It has been fun, exciting, relaxing, crazy, an adventure.... and many more. Somethings I have found interesting is my abilities in the kitchen. I try my hardest to impress dustin and have dinner ready or close to being ready by the time he gets home. But lets be honest I failing, he usually gets home before I do.

Almost every night I cook I make way tooo much food!!
so if you get a last minute invite for dinner you will know why :)

Dustin is really good about helping me in the kitchen
usually he will let me all the preparing then he will want to
step in and take over.

We have been doing some fun things with friends. We went to the state fair with jessica and craig (above) Blake and Audra and Tyler and Ginger. We went to a freak show thing. That cow has two noses. It was really gross and I don't recommend going to these things they are weird and kinda stupid.

Grandma and Grandpa Spilker had the whole fam-damly over for a last summer BBQ and it was so much fun!! We played a couple games of Bacci Ball. (if you have never played I highly recommend it)

Love you Mom!!

This is Henry is so stinkin cute!!!

Once it started cooling down outside some of us went in for a fun game of Rock Band. I LOVE this game. this was the first I had ever played and it was pretty fun! I wish I would have got a picture of Grandma she tried out the singing part and it was hillarious!!!!


Lisa said...

I loved your updates! All the pictures were so fun to look at! Your mom is so cute!

The Marecle's said...

It looks like you guys are enjoying your new life being married!